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Hey! This is Anna. Happy you are here. Here's a bit about me. I am an eighteen-year-old singer and songwriter from Marin County, California. I wrote my first song when I was nine years old after a Taylor Swift concert and was hooked (as you can tell). Music quickly became my outlet for processing the world around me and how and where I fit into it. Fast forward 6 years, with the Covid-19 virus sending us all into isolation everything in my life quickly crumbled, except for music. I became more infatuated than ever, craving to write new songs every night. With no other option to share my creations in a live setting, I leaned into social media, helping me to connect with producer Jim Greer (Foster the People, Geographer) to begin working on an EP. My first single 'Call" was released in June of 2022, with another single, 'Greedy' coming out 2 months later. My debut, 5-song, EP 'When You Get This' came out in April of 2023. As I have continued to grow as a musician and young adult, I have come to realize the power music has to instigate change. In hopes of harnessing this gift, I have embarked on numerous philanthropic endeavors with my music, which I hope you get a chance to read about on a separate page. And that is just the beginning. I appreciate everyone's support SO VERY MUCH and can't wait to see where this journey takes me next. 


All my love, 


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