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hey! this is anna. happy you’re here. here’s a bit about me. i am a seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter from marin county, california. growing up, i fell in love with music. i wrote my first song when i was eight years old after attending a taylor swift concert, and i was hooked. music quickly became my outlet for processing the world around me. fast forward 6 years, everything in my life quickly crumbled when covid hit, except for music. i became more infatuated than ever, writing songs every night. with no opportunity to share my new creations in person, i began to utilize social media platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram. the response i got from that proved to me the power that music has to instigate connection. it has only been up from there! as of 2023 i am keeping busy; performing around the bay, and working with my producer Jim Greer (Foster the People, Geographer) on some very exciting projects. i have released two singles leading up to my EP 'Call' and 'Greedy,' available on all streaming platforms. other than that, I have been working on creating a charitable group (Youth Voices for Good) to inspire creative youth in my area to use their talent to spread joy. but most importantly, i appreciate everyone’s support SO MUCH and i cant wait to see where this journey takes me next. 


all my love,


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